Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'm not sure how long it's been since I posted this shot from 2003. Mid August, the grass is gone and we've just planted the first lavender. It's those little plants in the middle of the bark mulch.

And where we are now.

Looking towards the south. We have blue oat grass, a little white alyssum to the left, the bloomed out but still green ground cover geranimus to the right, the remaining lavender, the bumbles love it so we'll wait to trim it even if it'sbeginning to be past it's prime.

Looking towards the house, to the east. The yellow and pale pink potentilla, ground cover strawberries, cone flowers and volunteer lavenders with lilies, lilies in the back ground. Given time and a few generations ground cover strawberries start acting like regular strawberries, only with smaller berries. They taste really good, even if they are smaller than the others. And the red blossoms are beautiful.

Our three cone flowers. We've had the lavender ones for several years. And they've been in various spots in the yard. I think this will be the final home for awhile. Got the yellow ones last year and the little burgandy one this spring. Interesting how mother nature is a wonderful color coordinator. I can hardly wait until the little burgandy gets a few years to develop. The color combination will be spectacular.

And another shot of the most spectacular, extravagant flowers we have in our yard right now. Those stargazer lilies. I  can't imagine actually using these colors in combination to decorate anything. One wall in room perhaps. Any more would be overwhelming.



toonguykc said...

I'm trying very hard not to resent you for all the beautiful landscaping you have.  ;)  My yard is overgrown and crazy with mosquitoes.  I can't even be outside for ONE MINUTE without getting bit.  grrrrr


tenyearnap said...

Your landscaping is incredible...even more so when you show the "before" pic! --Cin