Monday, August 20, 2007


The New Laurel’s Kitchen  has several recipes for cheese spreads or dips based on cottage cheese and regular cheese. First experiment was a half cup each low fat cottage cheese, no fat cream cheese and shredded pepper jack cheese. Turned out pretty good. I tend to read a recipe and then go “well that’s a good place to start.” And this was written in the eighties before so many of the no sodium herbal blends came on the market so I don’t see any chopped sautéed onions in my future. At least until I get a handle on how fast I go through a batch. Onions are good for you but I don’t think the amount that would go in a batch of cheese spread would make that big a difference

So, boys and girls I’m preparing to fully embrace my carefully washed or peeled inner carrot (celery, zucchini,  olive, apple and raw mushroom). Now all I have to do is convince the digestive tract I inherited from dad that “raw is good, live with it.” (or at least keep the grief to a minimum)

Frankly, the potential weight loss while good for me is the secondary reason for increasing shift in our diet. Funny how that goes. I’m getting fairly good control on my blood pressure with straight herbal preparations with reduced doses of the prescription drugs as a bridge. Less weight means lower pressure. You only have to hit me over the head a dozen times or so before I finally see the light.

And I’m about a year and a half into my dentures so my mouth has finally toughened up enough to look at raw vegetables and go “ok! Not a problem.” And it’s been slow, but I’m still over a hundred pounds lighter than I was over four years ago. Will Cheetos never darken my mouth again? I’m not going to promise anything. But, it just won’t be nearly as often.



tenyearnap said...

You've done so well with losing weight. I'm sure your Inner Veggie (HAHAA, that cracked me up) is delighted. I have that cookbook kicking around here, too. Like you, raw doesn't agree with me, but I try. --Cin

toonguykc said...

You'll do just fine with this upbeat attitude...and a secret stash of ranch dressing (not the non-fat kind)!!  I'm proud of you!