Sunday, August 12, 2007


Made it out to the Scandinavian Festival yesterday. Got to visit with Lisa briefly while she was baking her heart out. The Scandie run was yesterday morning so the festival was busy before it was even supposed to open. The weather has been perfect this weekend and they were doing very, very well. I imagine she’ll have details on her journal, when she regains consciousness.


Did some serious people watching and craft stall browsing. A lot of nice things. Not much that is in our style though. Especially the stained glass. Marvelous work but I’m not sure where we would put it so the cats couldn’t get it. The lines for the Swedish meat pies were going one way, the Swedish pancakes just as long and going another way, and the aebelskivers (little, tiny, popover style muffns) the other way. There are some very talented folks that work these festivals. Came home with a pair of earrings for mom and plans to go up north to Lisa’s over Labor Day I hope. Thank heaven for three day weekends.


Found our first little baby bean this morning. They are starting to bloom fairly well. We’ll get a few pints at least. To with the cukes and tomatoes. Little green onionn are good with both the cukes and the tomatoes.


Bed booted me out before seven yesterday morning. There’s a huge cedar tree across the street and the sun was behind it when I went out to get the papers. So there was a patch of sun here and another somewhere else in the yard. So I parked myself on the porch for a little while and just watched the sun move through the yard. It was quiet except for the birds. You can hear the freeway and at that hour, with a little imagination, you can almost tell yourself it’s the ocean. Granted I have a really good imagination.

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toonguykc said...

You are the first person (other than me) who can sometimes hear traffic as tides moving in and out.  I do that all the time because of the busy street nearby.  I'm getting pretty good at it!