Sunday, October 28, 2007


Honestly, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just a few more distractions that usual. Mom’s big brother came up from southern California for his 65th high school reunion. He rode the train up and she went back by train with him for a visit. I took a vacation day to enjoy an all too short visit. He talked more about things he’s done than he ever has before.  


He joined the navy in ’42, straight out of high school. To be honest, I think it was as much to get out of the house as to get in on the action. Their step dad was the only grand father we knew and he’d mellowed by the time the grandkids came on the scene. But, he had a temper and a fondness for booze. And I think that the navy probably did a lot to temper uncle Jack’s temper, too. Anyway, for anyone who's interested, he served on three ships, the Casablanca, the Kadashan Bay and the Gardiner's Bay.


Anyway, three years in the navy on three different ships. He followed this with twenty years as a cop in LA and a stretch with the US Marshall’s service. We had a good time. So, I saw them off last Saturday and I’ve had the place to myself for the last week. It was hard watching them leave. He’s two years older than mom and has some health problems, I couldn’t help wondering if I would get the chance to see him again. But, we had the time and I’m thankful for it.


Me, the cats and a flare up of the lovely little “irritation” I had last summer. Plague take it, it certainly isn’t fatal but it’s damned uncomfortable. Frankly, working and entertaining the four legged Velcro cats was about all I was up to.


Much better by Saturday. Good thing because I was faced with a substantial to do list. Mom is not coming home to a dirty house. A bit messy, perhaps, but fairly well caught up. The local birds and squirrels are absolutely ravenous. I fill the feeders the night before and come home and do it again. They’re storing up for the winter. It’s turned chilly, and not before time. After all, All Hallows Eve is almost here. Mom will be home Tuesday. She gets a kick out of the candy seekers, especially the little ones. Speaking for the Velcro, I’m getting the hungry eye from the furballs. Time to break out the cat food.


toonguykc said...

Dad's new cat is becoming a Velcro cat...won't leave him alone.  He complains, but I think he really loves it.


mlraminiak said...

Nice that you had a week to yourself...not nice that you were under the weather.  Take care!  Lisa  :-]

tenyearnap said...

Velcro cats and ravenous wildlife....hahaha. Sounds like you are very busy indeed. --Cin