Sunday, October 14, 2007


New addtion next to the deck. We went out to Jerry's yesterday intending to check the kinds of blocks, sizes and prices. We ended up bringing home what we needed enough 12 x 16 blocks to do a double row and gravel to fill in the low parts. It looks pretty good for a pair of rank amateurs. We basically leveled each pair to the next, so it's not exactly level. A couple of large planters and some kind of yard art in the middle will cover a multitude of architectural sins.

The bark chunks will be slowly replaced with concrete stepping stones. At least the bark will keep us out of the mud. And we'll put down bark mulch on the rest of the yard. Only took a couple of hours to get it done. And I felt every one. But I"m in better shape than I was in the spring. We we high fivin' all over the place.

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tenyearnap said...

Love the color! --Cin