Saturday, December 15, 2007


There was a really good sale out at a local garden center last night. Came home with a new birdfeeder, some good seed and nice selection of bulbs for the spring. Actually could probably plant the seeds anytime between now and spring. And the silly day lilies are putting out new shoots. It's the preparation time of the year.

A little goldfinch type bird. We see them so seldom, but a pair found the newly cleaned little feeders with the thistle seeds in them. Eensy, teensy, I'd be surprised if it was more than four or five inches long. Also saw a pair of the stellar's jays this morning. Maybe we can lure them in more often.

A rather fuzzy shot, extracted from a much larger shot. They don't know me well enough to stick around for tripod shots. It's a hanging bird bath that's never tempted a bird. So it's going to be a feeder. We'll put in the kind of critter things that won't be hurt if it gets wet. Thinks like peanuts in the shell, pumpkin seeds, corn, and sunflower seeds. Friend bushy tail had a good lunch.

Finding some seeds and other goodies out by the oat grass in the front.

Couldn't quite figure out how to get to the new feeder. Finally said the heck with it and settled for cleaning up under the feeders instead. There were plenty of goodies to choose from. The bushes with the red berries are nandina. The bushes stay sort of green all year. Had some sun, some clouds and some rain. Wasn't even that cold. Sorry folks in Utah and Kansas.


tenyearnap said...

Ooh, is that some kind of warbler? So pretty! Great photo. I'd go get my bird identification book and look him up, but I am in bed and the Tylenol PM is doing its! --Cin

toonguykc said...

Apology somewhat accepted.  ;)

My dad puts up four finch feeders and complains *constantly* about how much they eat.  The purple martins are the only bird friends he doesn't bitch about.


rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful Golden Finch! We have found with a mix of Sunflower seeds in our wild bird feed, the Blue Jays are a mainstay. They love the seeds. We have 2-3 that have been around all year. Beautiful Birds.....The Cardinals and Woodpecker put on a good show themselves from time to time. I love the bright colors of their feathers against the white snow drop....

Hope your weekend is warm and your loved! (Hugs) Indigo