Sunday, February 24, 2008


I got this off Russ’s journal. And there is some good information on the net.


Good ol’ John MaCain stepped out on his first wife. He divorced her, the wife who wouldn’t let anyone let him know she’d been hurt in a traffic accident while he was a POW. She didn’t want to worry him. And he cheated on her before they split the sheets.


So the peroxide blond at this side during the latest flap is wife number two. Makes me wonder about the claims in the New York Times. Given his history, it is entirely possible. I just get such a kick out of all the claims that same sex marriage is a threat to marriage. Oh, so funny. His first wife was quoted along the lines of “he was forty, wanting to still be twenty five.”


Clinton, McCain, Gingrich, Hyde, what a sad, sorry bunch.

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mattr0701 said...

There are many reasons for a marriage to break up.  I will not be the one to say that no one should ever divorce.  But if the DO, they should be the last to make self-righteous claims about ANYONE else's relationships...  

Can you say "hypocrite,"  John?  I thought you could... Lisa  :-]