Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is my attempt at form of poem from Tom Cowan’s Yearning for the Wind. Honestly, I’ve never really tried to write poetry. My few attempts beyond a passable Haiku or two have been, well, nothing to write home about as the saying goes. With a little practice, I just might have some fun with this form. It’s fairly free form and it doesn’t have to rhyme. LOL That’s always been the hard part for me.



I invoke the land of my birth:

Mountains, high peaks covered with trees;

Trees, rich green touching the sky;

Sky, blue, white and misty gray;

Misty gray, rich with rain;

Rain, falling on endless waterfalls;

Waterfalls, joining the great rivers;

Rivers, flowing to the West;

The west, becoming the ocean;

The ocean, home of the setting sun;

I invoke this land, my home.


Each line joins with the next and they weave back and forth like Celtic knotwork designs. The idea is to help you slow down. To remind you who, what and where is important to you and how these things are all interconnected. How they weave in and out in our lives; how they change and yet stay the same.


toonguykc said...

I like has a very "old world" feeling.  (I know absolutely nothing about poetry)


dsonney01 said...

reminds me of Brooke Medicine Eagles' songs. I can see it, feel it- beautiful

rdautumnsage said...

You wove a delicate strand of beauty here hon! Wonderful writing. (Hugs) Indigo

mlraminiak said...

Neat!  Lisa  :-]