Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Or at least it looks that way all of a sudden. There's been a spike the "let's see if there are five million people on Facebook who believe in God." or "let's see how many on Facebook are true Christians" push like style entries on my page.

Hey, I do believe.......most of the time. But, tracing the links back gets me to Evangelical style websites with all the depth of my oversize mug when the tea runs out. Safe to say I haven't pushed any "like" buttons. I also suspect that if most of these folks got a look at my to be read sooner rather than later pile the door would close very quickly. Let's see; there's Thomas Merton, Matthew Fox and a guy named Tom Cowan: He's a shaman. There's also a book on Paganism and an autobiography of Hildegard of Bingen. The stack runs heavy to heretics or at least to people who believed in tipping over the pot to see what would fall out.

I guess what irritates me the most is the shallowness these links. For one thing what I believe or don't believe is between me and the Creator of All Things. Two, I strongly suspect that my vision of the Almighty will not agree with theirs. Three, like? I like corn on the cob, squirrels and daisies. I really like the cats. I love mom, my family and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. But, Whoever or Whatever created the universe isn't exactly in the same league. Four, you can't put the Creator on a bumper sticker or capture Him/Her in a cute little quote. He/She won't fit.


Lisa :-] said...
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Lisa :-] said...

We have finally managed to humanize? anthropomorphize? trivialize? the Almighty to the point where we believe pushing the "like" button on a Facebook page will curry some kind of favor with It. sigh!

Toon said...

I'm an atheist and even my people are trying to create a fuss online. It's all about trying to flaunt your numbers and be the loudest, Evangelicals have been doing it for years.

JACKIE said...

There was a mini series years ago about King David. I remember a scene where they're bringing the Ark into Jerusalem with the King chanting and dancing at the head of the procession.

Now they've dumbed down the hymns because the younger generation likes the stuff they sang at Bible camp and don't know anything else.

Anthropomorphized, dumbed down and stuck on a bumper sticker. :-P I've been reading Merton again. Now there was a man who could inspire you to think. And leave you very uncomfortable.