Monday, September 6, 2010


We didn’t have much of a summer. Tonight, with two weeks to go until the Autumn Equinox, summer is fading. And, I’m thinking, not so fast buddy, I’ve got tomatoes and peppers to ripen.

Started cutting herbs today. The first of the basil with go in the dryer tomorrow. I’ll pick some more but I want to leave some of the flowers for the bees. Same with the mint and oregano. Haven’t seen a lot of bees this year; and we have enough to share. The pineapple sage didn’t bloom but there’s plenty of leaves to dry. It’ll be interesting to mix the sage with the orange mint and see what kind of tea results. The lemon cucumbers are doing well and the Franken zucchini have been fairly productive. The leave on the plants are big enough to provide an umbrella for a small child.

Had a deer make its way around one of the rhodies the other morning while I was taking a break from weeding. He looked at me, I looked at him and he eventually ambled on his way. These black tails are so small. If I could get close enough we’d probably be nose to nose. Just leave my peppers alone. It’s funny, really. The little pepper that could is over by the tomatoes and they walked through that bed during the winter. They nibble on that pepper plant but don’t bother the ones that are in the herb bed just a few feet away, Maybe the scent of the rosemary and oregano throws them off. Who knows? Just stay warm for a little longer please.


Lisa :-] said...

It does kinda look like summer has taken leave. Although today was a weird day. Rainy, but not cold. And we had a lovely sunset...

JACKIE said...

I have seen ninety degree weather in September, but I'm not counting on it this year.