Sunday, January 22, 2012


It’s strange, you start down a path and you never know who you’re going to meet along the way. Or, maybe it isn't so strange after all. I don’t really remember how I stumbled across this writer. He is, was, the archbishop of Olinda and Recife in Brazil for many years. He probably would have shared Oscar Romero’s fate under the military dictatorship in Brazil, but he was too well known outside his country and perhaps, too well loved inside it. There’s an almost Franciscan flavor to this piece.

"The Psalms teach us to lend our voice to all creatures: to the light that comes from above and to the earth that provides for us; to the creatures of the sea from the tiniest fish to the whale.

Who has seen the same dawn twice? Who has seen the same sunset twice?

It is a pity that there are people who will go through life never having thought of watching the sunrise. Or without thanking our dear friend at nightfall.

Ah, but would you have like to see the splendor of the act of Creation? Then just think, creation is made anew, instant by instant, in God’s hands."

Dom Helder Camara in Sister Earth: Creation, Ecology and the Spirit.

What a world it would be if we would just stop for a moment and thank the birds for singing and the flowers for blooming. I know they don’t do it for us. Shouldn’t stop us from being grateful and thankful anyway.