Thursday, January 5, 2012


The flickers were back on New Years day. Briefly. We have a large iron hook on the porch post that we hang pots and wreaths from. Heard a rustle and a flutter and there were two flickers on the hook, looking right through the half moon window in the door. I’m beginning to think they’re trying to tell me something.

In folk lore flickers represent healing and growth. And after watching the bird check out the seed feeders with a “I can do that” look I can believe it.

Then there’s Kim at Golden Pines. (there’s a link in the blog roll) She fosters golden retrievers, usually older dogs. And she’d just lost another one. Bubba was an old dog and it was time to go to the bridge. He apparently went very quietly and peacefully. Funny thing is, I started getting a vision of a young dog, starlight blue running the way young, healthy dogs do when they’re running just because they can. We had this little poodle mix years ago. Candy would run in circles in the front yard and bark every time she finished a lap. Anyway, I posted a comment on Kim’s story about Bubba and within a few hours the vision faded. So I guess she got the message.

And then there’s the picture and the drumming. A wonderful picture of the Neolithic site at what is known as New Grange in Ireland on solstice morning. While I was looking at the picture I started hearing drumming. I don’t know if old Irish who waited for the mid winter sun to shine that sliver of sunlight into the tomb passage were into drumming for that ceremony, but someone was drumming.

I’m starting to believe that somebody’s trying to get my attention.


Lisa :-] said...

So neat that you receive visions. I don't think I'll ever get to that point, but that doesn't mean I don't believe they are a great gift.

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