Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I tend to have kind of twisty way of looking at things. Hey, I loved the X-Files until Mulder left for parts unknown. So, sometimes I end up taking my “I wonders” out for a walk.

Creation Science and the Intelligent Design movement have been around since, oh the early seventies. But we didn’t start seeing the push to get this garbage “science” into the class rooms until the early nineties. Which roughly coincides with the rise of GMO crops engineered to resist being poisoned by products like Monsanto’s infamous RoundUp.

Cui Bono, Latin for Who Benefits. So, boys and girls, who benefits when Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection gets put on the back burner while trash science is taught in the name of “fairness.” Heck, we’ve got a world wide experiment in what happens when you keep poisoning plants and bugs but don’t quite kill all of them each time going on right now.

Anyone who understands how natural selection works will realize that the life span of these products and their crops is finite. What happens when we finally run out of chemicals because the critters are lining up with their little bowls yelling “please sir, may I have some more!”

Which leads to the twisty way my mind works. Groups like the Discovery Institute and the Center for Intelligent Research get passes on taxes either because they’re classed as religious foundations or tax exempt educational groups. And they don’t have to list their donors if they don’t want to. Is it too far out to imagine that Dow and Monsanto are quietly funding push to either get junk science into the class rooms or keep good science out. After all, an educated citizen would realize that large scale use of these products will fail in the end. We’ll be left with a bag full of buggy weeds and the chemical companies will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Which takes us right back to number four on the list of Beliefs of the Henge of Keltria. “We believe that all life is sacred and should neither be harmed nor taken without deliberation or regard.” Because you see, in countries like India plants we call weeds, the locals call food. The very plants that are targeted by the poisons.

Pelagius, you old heretic. You were right, and we’re paying the price for not listening to you. Whatever name you use, Yahweh, Danu, Mannanan…the spirit of the sacred is all around us, if we only had eyes to see and ears to hear.

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