Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Warning mini rant ahead.

I love reading movie and book reviews. Especially the one star ones. A few of them actually make sense. And some are so over the top you wonder why the person went to the movie or read the book in the first place. What’s really cool is when they admit they never finished the book or walked out of the movie. Then why are you here? To give me something to shake my head over I guess. 

Current prime example? Noah. The fundies are out in force on Amazon. I’ve said this before. And I don’t know why I’m ever surprised, but have you actually read the Bible you claim to revere and believe is literally the inerrant word of God? Because it sure doesn't sound like it from where I'm sitting. 

The Biblical story of the flood is found in chapters six through part of eight in Genesis. You know Genesis? First book in the Bible. Goes on for more than forty more chapters. Followed by the rest of the Old Testament. Some forty two books if you include the apocrypha. And then there's the New Testament following that. Folks, if you truly believe that what’s in this library of a book represents ALL of history please remember that about ninety nine percent of it  HASN’T HAPPENED YET and stop reinforcing my opinion of your native intelligence into truly negative numbers. 

Some folks complained that the word Creator is used instead of God. Well (if you go with scripture) that’s how He, She or They are known at that point. This is the action that the aforementioned entity is known for. There is no "special" relationship with anybody at this point. Noah is described as a righteous man. Scripture doesn't really say why. The rest of Creation is described as so corrupt that above aforementioned entity has decided to wipe the slate clean and think really hard about starting over. Again doesn't say what's going on that's so rotten, only that is's time for a clean up and it will be epic. 

This is before the covenant with Abraham. This is before the trip Moses made up the top of mountain and came back with those pesky tablets. This is before the prophets, all those wars etc. etc. etc. Use your imagination folks. If you have one. Which I seriously doubt.

A couple of blankety blank blanks complained because Jesus wasn’t mentioned. Please see the above paragraph. How can you mention somebody WHO HASN’T BEEN BORN YET!!!!!!!!!. Geesh. 

I think what really bothers some folks is that by the time the ark is water born Noah is heading down the rabbit hole into seriously disturbed territory. (I sprang for a cheap copy of the novel tie in, they bring up some ideas that don't usually come up in Sunday School) The Creator might not be ready to write off the last fragment of the human race but Noah is and the road back to semi sanity is a a rocky one. I wonder how much of the drunken Noah the movie will show because the guy in the book can't go any lower. It's pick yourself up, sober up, clean up and make amends or get out. 

OK. Now that I’ve lanced that boil I’ve got David Attenborough, Richard Leakey Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, Wendell Berry and Will Durant waiting for me in the “library.” I’m bringing the tea.

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