Saturday, April 12, 2014


When I decide to add a blog to the sidebar I usually just do it and hope people notice. But this gal, is, well kind of unusual. Grew up fundamentalist. Spent about ten years boozin' and doing drugs. Somewhere along the line she spent some time as a competitive body builder and stand up comedian. Got cleaned up. Got married. Went to seminary. Came out a Lutheran minister.

Most of that would gag the standard fundie right from the beginning. Oh and did I mention that she stands about 6' 1" and has enough tattoos boggle the minds of most of us? And if I understand it correctly, she got most of them AFTER she attended the seminary.

She pastors at The House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver. Known at The House the original congregation tended to be folks just like her. Folks who may have fallen through the cracks. Folks trying to pick themselves up When the more normal Sermons last about twelve minutes tops. And they do NOT have a rock band. Music is a Capella. And apparently there's a quarterly Hymns and Brews gathering at a local bar that is very well attended.  Audience participation is not only encouraged but expected. She admits to swearing like a trucker and may be one of the best chances mainline Christianity has to break out of the rut it's in. Has the fire of an evangelical and the soul of a progressive.

Can one person "save" the progressive church. Probably not. The word Christian is starting to carry so much negative baggage I'm not sure if it can be salvaged. And there are days when I'm not sure I even care.

 That the church can still produce pastors like this and congregations where suits rub elbows with a guy who just won a local drag queen competition gives me hope. And keeps me just inside the line I've been tap dancing on. For just a little longer.

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