Friday, April 25, 2014


The kids came to lunch today. That includes the four legged honorary niece. A little bulldog named Georgia. The cats are still traumatized, but Misty managed to gig the dog without ever laying a paw on her LOL. Bandit went under the bed. I had shut Midge in the bathroom so the kids could get a look at her. The Midglet had taken refuge under the quilt rack we use for towels. She fit very nicely between the ends of a towel hanging from the middle bar. And didn't move out for an hour after they left. "I'm not comin' out for nobody until I'm damn good and ready." And she didn't.

I don’t know how typical my family is. Really I don’t. One nephew is married to C, who is half Indonesian. Another nephew is married to A; she’s half Japanese. My cousin lives in New Zealand so there’s a decent chance at least one of the girls will hook up with a guy who’s part Maori.

And my unofficial foster niece (and there’s a great story behind that) is getting very serious with a young man who just happens to be African American. Serious enough that she’s spending a lot of time with his family. Serious enough that everybody is hoping they BOTH make it out for nephew number 3’s graduation this spring And all anybody can seem to think is what’s left?

I mean, is this typical? Or is this a west coast, Pacific Rim attitude? Because all I can think is as long as they treat each other right and love each other I don’t care if they’re purple with green polka dots. 

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