Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Thelatest in the long line of nutcase pastors. And there's a reason I included the shot of smiley the potential torturer on my page. Anyway below is the comment I put on the link on FB.
Why stop with gays? What about adulterers, lobster and pork eaters, people who wear poly cotton blends. The list is endless and all you've got is fear, hatred and the apparent desire to torture people to death. They do the stoning thing in Iran and some African countries, They're careful to pick out stones that won't cause immediate death. So it's a slow death by battering. What are these people? Closet sadists? In serious need of an empathy transplant? Or a prime example of what Hannah Arendt called the banality of evil when she wrote about Adolph Eichmann and the dangers of blind obedience?
Too bad we don't have time machine so we can send these folks back to Middle Ages. That seems to be when they want to live,

There was more and I almost put the whole thing in the FB status but pulled back because here is where I got seriously weirded out. The Universe insists on doing this every so often.

I'm looking at the above picture and suddenly, superimposed over their faces, were grinning skulls. OooooKaaay. Folks, unless clam chowder with tea and crackers is an hallucinogen the universe was definitely in a kick ass mood.  And a definite warning. These folks are as much into blind obedience as any fascist camp guard or party apparatchik

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