Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well the NRA is holding their convention this weekend. NRA wingnut spokeman Wayne LePierre is of the opinion that it's past time to take the White House back for the white man. Trouble is, Wayne ol' buddy ol' pal, who is white enough for you?

Cruz and Rubio are Latino. Santorum is Italian American, Jindal is Indian American. Carly Fiorina has that fatal second X chromosome, besides she ran the Bell Labs and HP into the ground Don't think her business experience is going to get her anywhere. At the moment that leaves Rand Paul who has been doing his best to shoot himself in both feet and ANOTHER Bush.

 And the last person we need anywhere near the go codes is another Bush.

To top it off Rubio, Jindal and Santorum are Catholics. You don't have to dig very deep on the net to be reminded that many evangelicals don't even believe that Catholics are Christians.

And I have never seen a bunch of idiots more willing to go to war. And less likely to volunteer to fight in one. What a disastrous group of wanna be's. So Wayne? Who is white enough for you?

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Lisa :-] said...

Unfortunately, George Zimmerman suddenly became "white enough" when it was him against an unarmed black youngster in a dark street. I'm afraid the TeaPublicans will have no trouble bleaching their favorite candidate... :(