Monday, June 15, 2015


when a plan comes together. Especially when it involves getting the yard watered. This year (and I didn't even know these existed) we put a four way splitter on the front faucet. North side and south side and a section of the front will be handled by four green soakers. Two on each side connected by what the packaging called a manifold. You can hook up a hose or soaker on either end and up to four other connections on the side with the main hose connected on the other side. South side in and working. Looks like we have enough slack to bring the east bound soaker through the middle of the yard. What's left can be handled with the other hoses and sprinklers. The trick now is to get some good water into the soil while the weather is fairly mild. With luck we can go to once a week or so schedule once the blueberries are picked.

I freakin' love it. Position the sprinkler. Turn the switch for that hose and awaaaaaay we gooooo! eah have to move the sprinklers but no more hauling heavy hoses around the yard every time we want to do another section. We were even able to run two of the hoses UNDER the ramp on the front and can cut down the risk of tripping and landing on our butts.

Must remember to take some pictures. It isn't exactly pretty but it works, and that's what counts.

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