Friday, July 24, 2015


I hope they don't mind me posting this verbatim. Lafeministas says is so much better than I could. When nasty spiteful hate-mongers like Huckabee and Santorum start to appear to be normal.
"When blood-soaked warmongers such as Graham and McCain appear to be reasonable.
When ignorant jerks like Walker, Perry and Jindal represent your intellectual elite.
When you embrace the crazy like Carson.
When racism and white privilege drove both your base and yourselves when an uppity n****r dared not only run but even won, you couldn't even bring yourselves to admit he was an American.
When your shifty good for nothing leader of Senate declared that his sole aim in government was to destroy the President, from day one.
When your Speaker of the House cries over an America that never existed.
When your justices on the supreme court are so out of touch, that they declare racism over and that corporations have religious rights.
You deserve Donald Trump.
You deserve every slight against service, every racist utterance and every look at me I'm fucking rich, you're all little people.
That your base laps up this unadulterated vileness is your own damn fault. When it served your nefarious purposes, it was all well and good.
Now that it is thrown back in your face, you whine.
You deserve him and I hope that he wins your bloody primary.
He is the conscience of the conservative
Deal with it.
You own it."
And I might add that when it looks like the shrub was really the smarter brother, the 'pubs are really in deep shit. 

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