Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I see I've lost a few followers. A couple when I hadn't posted for a few months. And a couple after my post about the little darling that went to her teacher in tears because a classmate told her he didn't go to church or believe in God. If you don't agree that's fine with me.

However I'll stick by my original entry. It's never to soon to point out to children, politely, that they are going to run into people who do not agree with them and/or do not share their beliefs. If she's going to turn on the water works every time this happens she's going to be crying a lot.

Frankly I can't imagine a child that age really caring about this unless the parents put her up to it. And now that I think about it I can imagine one scenario. It has to do with the so called Chick Tracts. There is at least one story line where a little boy learns that his neighbor/friend has been killed in an accident. The boy is told that his friend is in hell because his parents didn't get him baptized. That scenario bringing on tears I can understand. And frankly ranks as child abuse in my book. 

The tracts are basically anti damn near everything up to and including any translation of the Bible that isn't some form of the King James translation. Basically anti gay, anti evolution, anti Muslim, anti almost everybody. Back in the day the Campus Crusade for Chisters would slip into the dorm in the middle of day when most of us were out and leave them in the bathroom and in front of our doors. I don't think they converted anyone. LOL 


Lisa :-] said...

I lost a bunch of followers, too, all at once a bit ago. I don't think it means anything, except that maybe Google did a purge of some kind. I had no idea who 75% of my "followers" were anyway. Strongly suspect some of them were spam generators...

JACKIE said...

Probably. The hoo haw over Scalia's death. Proves they don't read or understand the constitution.