Friday, March 18, 2016


We thought is was bad in the sixties and seventies. How in name of all that's holy did we end up here? Read the history of the marches in the north. The hate then and the hate now. Oh God/dess. So many years and so little change. 

Vic Mcteer

Mourn my people, mourn, there is no hope.
Mourn black brothers, Armageddon is sure.
Mourn Coretta King, your lament is their shame,
Mourn black boy; with his life went yours.
There is no hope.

Mourn black mother, a son we've lost tonight,
Mourn peaceful man, with his love went yours.
Mourn militant, your fears are justified.
There is no hope.
Mourn black people. His words of love are gone.
His hopes vanished.
There is no hope.

Mourn rioter, they have proven you right.
Mourn gleeful white. You laugh at your own funeral.
Mourn the death of Martin Luther King
He lived and taught in love and died in life consuming hate.

Who will follow?
Mourn white man.
There is no hope.
Retribution is here.
There is no hope.
There is no hope.

From Drum Major for a Dream: Poetic tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr. Reprinted in 2002 by the Writer's workshop. In India. I repeat this volume was originally printed and reprinted not in the US but in India. Perhaps because it was the home of Gandhi. Truly ironic. Originally printed in 1976. And look where we are now.

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Lisa :-] said...

A very apt lament for what is going on right now, almist fifty years later.

And RE the picture that posted with the link on Facebook--back in the olden days Facebook would offer a choice of different pictures from your blog, or no picture, when posting a link to a blog post. Not so just picks a random picture from the blog. I find if I want a picture relevant to the post, I have to post one IN the blog entry. Facebook will always choose the picture from the specific post if there is one...