Monday, September 3, 2007


A very good weekend. Chris and Tim came down Saturday morning for the U of O game and stopped by our house for breakfast. Tim is the next one to start university. The guys are moving north. Eugene, Corvallis and now Portland. Heaven knows where the next one will end up. Oregon won the game, so that ended Saturday on a good note.


Sunday we went up the valley to Scappoose. That’s where Lisa of Coming to Terms has her cafĂ©. I hadn’t made it up since last summer, right after she bought the place. I’ve really been wanting to see the changes she’s made. The place looks really great. She’s made good changes to the menu. The atmosphere is friendly, food looks good, and they were very busy yesterday afternoon. And I think folks know that even if the place doesn’t look that busy, they are busier than they look. They do take out orders, too. She’s busier than she’s ever been and happy in spite of it. Now if she could just get enough crew signed on so she could get some admin and planning time in, things would really rock and roll. I took up some bread and fresh tomatoes, she had some really great black bean soup and we had the makings for a really great dinner.


The drive home was a little long, but it only took just over two hours. The weather was great and we were well down I5 before it was all the way dark. Heck, as long as I’m on the freeway by the time the sun goes down. I’m happy.


Picked the beans this morning and we got five pints, that makes nine so far and they’re blooming like crazy. Takes me back. I picked more than a few of those little green suckers when I was in high school. Blue Lake pole beans, best darn beans in the country.


We also made a quick trip out to a local produce supplier that Lisa will probably recognize, Deterings. Apples, peaches, other veggies and a very nice little Hermiston watermelon. Wasn’t really planning on doing beans and peaches today, but hey, if you want to eat well in January you mess up the kitchen in September. We got seventeen quarts today. If you buy them by the quart at the store, they want about five bucks apiece. And they won’t be nearly as good.


Back to work tomorrow, for a good rest. LOL

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tenyearnap said...

Work will seem relaxing after all that canning and traveling. Sounds like a great weekend. --Cin