Sunday, September 23, 2007


I seem to have a lot of irons in the fire this week. I’ve been wanting to go back to my little guided imagery valley, but haven’t been able to get my mind in the right place. Darn it. I guess we’ll find out what’s out there eventually.


Fought off a touch of a cold earlier in the week. The kids came down for the game last week, and both boys had colds. So I was hugging with my fingers crossed. Lucked out and just had a little stuffiness and was incredibly tired for a couple of days. Hallelujah. This is more like how things worked out when I was using the herbs a couple of years ago. When I was exclusively on the prescription drugs, I seemed to be coming down with something all the time and couldn’t shake it for weeks. So hopefully I’m back on the right track.


I work at for a company that is one of the oldest RV dealers in the country. And one of the premier RV manufacturers in the US has its manufacturing plant about a block from our dealership. Country Coach is also one of the biggest employers in Lane County. We had a little field trip Friday to theplant. I’m actually not really interested in having an RV but what they manage to do on site it impressive. I knew they were big, but not they were located on over forty acres. They build the coaches from the axles up and have about one thousand people working at the plant. Apparently this build it from the bottom up is fairly rare in the industry. Doing it this way it takes two to three months to finish a coach from order to delivery. All the woodwork, cabinets, and counter work are done on site to order. And after looking at a finished coach, they do fantastic work. A lot of the decorative work, such as stained glass is produced by craftsmen or women who live in this area. So that part of the day was very productive. Scrambling in and out of a van to get from place to place was not a lot of fun, however and rather hard on certain areas of me that I really didn't need to agravate any more than they already are.


But, what I saw in that RV is just not my style, even if I had the bucks. And if I had the bucks there are many places I would rather put it. If anyone has seen the Rings movies, remember Bilbo and Frodo’s hobbit house? That’s my kind of place. Lots of comfy chairs, a nice, busy kitchen, books piled in odd corners, fireplaces, flowers outside the door. Ahhhhh. That would make a good guided imagery exercise too. I’d like to find out the titles on the  books on the shelves or piled over by the desk.


A few more veggies in the jars, Another batch of bread out of the oven. So that part of weekend was good. Have an itsy, bitsy, teeny weenie RANT to add to this entry. I use Cortaid for certain itchies. I usually get the two ounce size at a local store, it’s the better buy. Looked in the usual spot and the packaging had a 33 percent free caption. Oh, goodie, this looks like a good buy. Except the box looked the wrong size. A little investigation and I discovered the package in the usual 2 ounce space was a 1.33 ounce package in the 2 ounce space-for the same price as a 2 ounce package. With the 1 ounce packages were still in the regular 1 ounce space. Two plus bucks is a lot to pay for an extra 1/3 of an ounce of product. This unhappy camper took the time to fill out a comment card with a message that started with “rip off.” Mom trained my very well. The devil really is in the details.


Oh, and happy Equinox, Mabon to the Celts. From now on the nights get longer and longer until the Solstice turns the wheel again.



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tenyearnap said...

I wouldn't want to buy an RV either (unless it was to live in permanently, I guess) but I think I'd like to rent one just once. Could be fun, huh? --Cin