Monday, September 3, 2007


These beans were on the vines at about nine this morning.

They were in the jars before noon. They would have been in their new homes a little sooner, but we took a quick trip out the Deterings for peaches and other goodies. As soon as I'm done with this entry I'll be helping mom peel the first batch of peaches for the season.

And they all end up in this pressure cooker. This kitchen wonder is older than me. It still has the original wooden handles. Not as shiny as it was when my folks bought it right after they got married, but still truckin' along.

When we bought the new stove we got an extra heavy duty element unit suitable for canning and other high heat jobs. This will make nine pints out of the garden so far, plus what we've eaten. One half hour at ten pounds pressure and they're good to go.

Fresh beans are really good in stir fry or cooked with onions and tomatoes. You just have to start them first because they take the longest

Oh, and you don't pressure peaches, pears and the like. Just a half hour in a boiling water bath or you get sauce. LOL


tenyearnap said...

Look at those old blue canning jars! Those green beans look so good. Do you make brandy peaches, too? --Cin

toonguykc said...

These pics could've come from Martha Stewart's magazine!  Beautiful!