Monday, September 24, 2007


When I first wrote the  Candle piece, (see September 11 entry) I tried to conjure up a mental candle or lamp because I knew I’d want to say it in times when I didn’t have a candle or couldn’t have one where I was, say at work. Well I asked for one and got a room full. All reflecting off each other. And they tended to do crazy things, like zip out of the room when I thought about someone who needed a little extra “hey look out for ……” And go in the right direction I might add.

Anyway, I got lazy for awhile and didn’t get back to it as often as I really should. Now when I go to my candle “room” it’s outside. It’s night and the stars are shining. Shining with a brilliance I’ve never seen in this life. Oops, the Aurora just popped in. How do you do that, but come on in and join the party. Ok, just go with the flow here, obviously I’m not the one controlling this. 

Anyway, as I read through the piece and mentally light my candles, they aren’t bunched up anymore. They’re in a line stretching away from me and going up, as if they were climbing up the side of a mountain. At the top of the mountain is a great tree, black against the stars. And  the candles go up into the branches of the tree until it’s filled, overfilled even, and it outshines the stars.

Um, I don't think I'm responsible for all those lights. I just think I tapped into a whole lot of people doing the same thing, and that's how my mind interprets it. And just think how it would look if the whole six plus billion people on this little ball lit a candle in their minds. Heck for all I know they are. Keep them lit folks, we need all the help we can get.

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