Thursday, September 13, 2007


an attempt to write a guided imagery story for my own use. It took on a life of its own. I'm not sure if I'm writing it or dreaming it. It's definitely my first attempt to write something like this, And I'm not sure where the trip is going to end. So, from the beginning. Should I start the journey with Once Upon a Time? I've never been here, but it feels like I never left.

I’m in a small valley near the coast in a high summer afternoon. The sky is that deep summer blue with a few puffy clouds so white you think you’ve never seen white before. The wind is coming in from the sea today and brings a hint of sea tang and wave song.  The sun is hot but the breeze is fresh, blowing  through my hair and cooling my face

There’s a small stream winding its way through the reeds and water grasses. The cattails wave at me and I wave back. The seed heads on the grasses are so light, even a bumble bee makes them bob as the bees search out the bank side flowers in search of pollen. The ripe seed pods wave gold and amber over the greens of the grasses. Summer daisies, poppies and lilies take the place of crocus, violet and iris. The blues of chicory, contrast with glowing black eyed susans and the yellow and gray dandelions.

A stronger gust of wind and the dandelions loose their fluffy seeds to take root and bloom again. There’s the odd trill and bird call, but most of the birds are drowsing in the shady willow branches waiting for the cool of the evening to forage for seeds and water insects. There’s a great blue heron drowsing in the shallows. Feathers fluffed in a false calm, he waits for a fish to take shelter in his shadow or an unwary frog to use the lily pads for a way station. By the time you turn at the sound of the flutter and splash, the heron is drowsing again.

The small meadows sloping up from the river are hedged with thickets of berry vines, hawthorns, wild roses, lavender, thistles and elder. The elders and the wild roses bear fruit for the birds and other small creatures. The twisted thickets provide shade in summer and protection from the winter’s cold and rain.  But, it’s summer now and the air is heady with the scents of flowers and ripe berries. It fills my senses and leaves me feeling as light as thistledown.


mleighin21st said...

This is beautiful,  I was there, I could see it all.  I've actually had that happen to me, I just had to start writing, and out it all came.  Some cosmic inspiration, maybe?  Whatever, I enjoyed this.                        
                                  Smiles,  Leigh


toonguykc said...

Keep going...maybe what some call "a spirit guide" will appear.  I'm jealous.  I haven't felt the creative writing spark for over a year now.


tenyearnap said...

I can see, smell, feel, and hear it. (waving at cattails)--Cin

rdautumnsage said...

Beautifully Serene. The imagery of your words transported me to this place and time as viewed through your mind. Wonderful! (Hugs) Indigo