Sunday, September 23, 2007


The bathroom window is a prized lookout during the warm weather. It's definitely first come first serve. Bandit looks out while Lucky waits her turn.

Lucky really isn't as cranky as she appears. She has one whisker that stubbornly turns up. It isn't a case of "bedhead" so to speak. It just turns up all the time.

Bandit had the rips the other night. I'm not sure what she thought she was looking for. Or if it was just "anything fun under here?" I just have to look for myself.

And after the rips comes the crash. Total trust and relaxation. Until the next unexplained noise comes along and it's time to go looking under rugs again.

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tenyearnap said...

Around your house, it is certainly good to be the cat! --Cin

mlraminiak said...

Last night, I broke out a felt mouse, went out to the garden and picked some catmint and smeared it on the mouse.  That was pretty entertaining...!  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

Oh! That last pic is PERFECT!  I really want to trade lives with any cat owned by a loving pet parent.