Monday, March 7, 2011


"The way of life of the red people is like a clay cup, and the way of life of the white man is like a Styrofoam cup. The clay cup takes a lot of care because if you drop it, it is going to break. The Styrofoam cup doesn’t take much caring; if you drop it, it doesn’t break. You have to be real careful with the clay cup because if you put something hot in it, it will burn you, compared to the Styrofoam cup, which you use once and throw away; it takes a lot of work to keep that clay cup intact. The Styrofoam cup is the white man’s way. They have no rules and regulations in their way of life. They say they do, but in reality they do not."

Bobbie Billie of the Independent Traditional Seminoles.

And the regulations they scream about the loudest are the ones that try to keep the greedaholics from paving over, polluting and plowing up what little remains of the natural world.

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Lisa :-] said...

A very perceptive analysis..