Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Found this on the web.

A Memo to Congress:

"Shame on you! you who make unjust laws and publish burdensome decrees, depriving the poor of justice, robbing the weakest of my people of their rights, despoiling the widow and plundering the orphan. What will you do when called to account, when ruin from afar confronts you? To whom will you flee for help?" -- Isaiah 10:1-3

What's your answer to that gentlemen (and a few ladies)?


Lisa :-] said...

I love it!

Evidently, one of the more obscure passages that is well below the radar of our bible-thumping tea-partiers...

JACKIE said...

I found this wonderful webpage with verses and quotes from early church fathers. I plan on posting a lot of them. Most in the same vein. No wonder the western church made the belief in continuing the practice of putting your goods in the common pot and living in voluntray community something just this side of heresy.