Saturday, May 7, 2011


This shot is from the web by a photographer down in Utah named Mike Fish. Short of hanging the camera from a cord hand the curtin rod, the birds are gone by the time I get the machine and get back to the

Had a pair of black headed grossbeaks at the feeder this afternoon. Don't know if they're just passing through or if they'll stick around and raise a family. We're in town, but next to a heavily wooded hill. Maybe they'll find a nice little nook to share with the sparrows.

The dogwood is finally leafing out. That makes it harder to identify who's hanging around. Hey guys come over on this side of the tree, pretty please.


Lisa :-] said...

Our blackheaded grosbeaks have arrived in the neighborhood...I can hear them singing, but they haven't been down to the feeder yet, at least that I've seen. Hoping they will stick around and raise a couple of broods like they did last year.

JACKIE said...

That would be wonderful. We're getting a lot more action since I started buying shelled sunflower seeds at Winco. Everybody seems to like them and each species has their own way of dealing with them. The nuthatch is the cutest. He has a special spot in the dogwood. A little spot where two branches join. He grabs a seed, flies to his spot, poke the seed in the cleft and proceeds to peck it apart. The white crowned sparrows scurry around under the feeders cleaning up what the other guys spill, plus anything else that comes their way.