Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, two garden beds are spaded; inspite of the crappy weather. One bed is on the northwest side of the house. This time of year it gets sun starting about eight and lasting until about five. The back of the garage is on one side and a concrete retaining wall is on the other. We're going to try onions and I'm not sure what else. I'm hoping that the two walls will create a good micro climate on the warm side.

The other bed is on the south east side of the lot and will probably go for tomatoes, basil and peppers. They need about the same amount of water and this is the other hot spot. Supposedly they do well planted together. Must check the labels and hope that anything labeled "determinate" really is. In theory that type of tomato will only get so big. The second bed is closer to the hill and goes into the shade earlier in the day. Leafy greens will probably go back there. We have a trellis that we'll try to use for lemon cucumbers. Every year is different and we keep learning about what works in the yard.

We lucked out, and almost everything came through; even a fuschia in a really large container. I'm surprised, fuschia's don't usually make it.

Now if it would just get a litter warmer and a little drier. Oh well, gardeners live on hope.

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