Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It all started with pancakes. A batch makes a dozen and the leftovers never quite taste the same after they’ve sat in the fridge for a day…..or six. Hey, the commercial guys sell frozen pancakes. So the left over half dozen or so get popped onto a small cookie sheet, placed in the sharp freeze section and then packaged. Thawed and crisped on a griddle they’re almost as good the second time around. And very convenient they are too.

And if it works for pancakes? The local Market of Choice has split chicken breasts on sale often enough to make it cost effective to bone them out, slice them and do the pancake routine with them. Yes, they sell brined, frozen chicken. But, this way I know what we’ve got and the bones and trimmings to cook down for soup. There’s plenty of meat left on the bones when you’re done trimming. And I would dearly love to see the chickens those parts come from because one package of three half breasts weighed almost four pounds.

Our pepper plants did a good job last summer so we did the same thing with them. Seeded, sliced and put with a package of baby peppers on sale we got enough frozen peppers to last until spring.

I’ve even started doing the same thing with bread. Bake a loaf, let it sit overnight in the fridge and slice it the next day. Freeze and bag the slices and you can have a nice variety on hand. Granted we have to rearrange things regularly to make sure we know where everything is.

Oh, and I make a really mean home made pizza. It gets the same treatment. ;-)


Lisa :-] said...

This is the way my Dad did business all the time. Funny thing...when he died, the freezer had enough stuff in it to wait out a really long famine....LOL!

JACKIE said...

We've had a freezer since forever, do berries every year and used to get a quarter of a beef wrapped and ready to go, but some of this is new for us, just have to find a place ot put it. A crowbar works pretty good.