Friday, September 28, 2012


I'd post more pictures but getting Henrietta Hairball, better known as Midge, to stay still long enough to get her picture taken is a challenge. Yes, she does go to sleep. But, she does it in her playpen; an upside down laundry basket so you can't see much.

She's eating out of a bowl. Drinking her kitty milk out of a bowl. She'll drink water, but so far I've had the best luck using the sink in the bathroom. She can "see" it before she sticks her nose in it and forgets to hold her breath.

She can get her basket turtle almost anywhere she wants to go. And she's discovered the back room, kitty room. Nice, big, cat proof. Room to run. And she does it very well. It's time to introduce her to the rest of the house. When the other cats aren't in. Except Bandit. Bandit basically has the attitude of "look kid, leave the tail alone and we'll get on just fine."

She reminds me of most small children, furry or otherwise. It's either full tilt or dead stop. And right now she's at dead stop for a nap.


Lisa :-] said...

She'll be a "curtain climber" soon enough... LOL!

JACKIE said...

Fortunately the only curtains are attached to the shower.