Sunday, September 16, 2012


We're still working on it as her personality gets stronger.

Her favorite corner on the couch. You can only get to her from the front. Something about those blue eyes.

I swear this little lady gets bigger every day. Once I'm sure she's "safe" we take up the rugs in the bathroom and let her run around and go "hunting."

If I just pull a little harder maybe I can get this down. She's doubled in weight and had her first try at sold food today. I think she liked it. Now we work on the water bowl. Use the laundry basket as a "turtle" Lisa calls it. She pushes at the handholds and can really cover ground when she wants to. Came boogieing out to the floor by my chair. Got her out and she practically vaulted into the litter box. She's working on it.

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