Friday, September 14, 2012


I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. But, what can I say about the endless campaign season and the slow moving train wreck the Republicans are stuck with? And we’ve acquired a new member of the family.

Sis and her family came down for the Ducks game two weeks ago. While they were getting ready to hike over to the stadium big brother helped out his little brother by taking out the recycling. He came back in with a box in his hand and the announcement that he was never doing that again. In the box was a kitten. A very small, very loud kitten. Which resulted in a panic call from sis. You could hear it in the background. They have dogs. The boys live in apartments. So mom and I shrugged and told her to bring the furry package of squall over to us. About ten minutes later she arrived with an absolutely tiny ball of royally PO’d fur. I had spotted milk replacement at Fred’s so. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Fred’s I go. In the meantime the kitten was screaming it’s little head off.

Luckily we have a kennel that we could set up complete with hot water bottle. The original idea was to foster the little bit. Well, she (I think she’s a she) wormed her way into our hearts, This bit of fluff is one tough little lady. She’s hanging onto her life with all four paws and hanging on for dear life. 

Within a couple of days I set up a laundry hamper as a play pen. Took her two days to figure out how to get out. We’re talking a kitten I could hold in one hand and weighed in at herkin’ eight ounces. If you turn it over she manages to scoot it across the kitchen floor.

Two weeks in She’s almost doubled in size, has some idea what a litter box is for, sleeps most of the night. Today she learned that she could run. The back half doesn’t quite track with the front half all the time but that little girl can sure move. And the quilt rack we use for towels is perfect for sneak and peek.

And the foster thing/ She’s inserted herself into our hearts. And we want to see how the story turns out. 

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Lisa :-] said...

She is so adorable. And she has definitely adopted YOU as "mom." So how could you stop at "fostering?" :)