Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Or you wouldn't be able to smell the roasting turkeys over the aroma of the toasted behinds of the bless me if I know what to call them. Teapublican idgets? Hopeless dittoheads? Although to be honest I'm not sure the great RL has picked this up yet.

Back in the W era plans were made to shift our embassy TO the Vatican to buildings next to our embassy to Italy. Buildings were purchased. Refurbishing started. The buildings have their own entrance on a different street and the move is scheduled to be completed by sometime in 2015. Pay special attention to the word "to." No country actually has an embassy within Vatican City. At about one square mile there isn't space. So all the embassies are in the city of Rome. That being the case the right wing has exploded with claims that the president is closing the embassy, not moving it. 

However the wingnuts finally twigged to events that have been unfolding for several years and you can imagine the outcry. Including a blog entry from someone known as Father Z. If he really is a priest I can't imagine that lying is at the top of the list of "good things I did today." Better head for that confessional ASAP. That's the only actual link to the nutcases I'm putting in besides the Think Progress link I have no desire to pump up their click numbers for their ads. I'm certainly not checking Wing Nuts Daily, oops they're officially knows as World Net Daily but I like my title better.

To be honest I'm waiting for somebody to accuse the president of being a Devil Worshiper. At his point I think that's the only thing he HASN'T been accused of. Add it to the litany of Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Atheist, Muslim,. Fascist, Nazi and gay. I not only feel sorry for this president but for whoever comes next. The atmosphere is so polluted with anger, lies and hate I'm not sure how we can even begin to clear it.

Oddly enough, this dovetails with my dragging my copy of Old Testament Wisdom off the shelf and actually reading it. I'm on the chapter of Proverbs. I'm not sure how the old sages would cope with our modern communications system. Truth may still be Truth but thanks to the internet the lies have circled the planet seven times before Truth even gets out the door.

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