Thursday, November 7, 2013


I promise I'll get back to the pagans, semi pagans and other wild life in Massachusetts. Honest. And I have some ideas in answer to Lisa's questions about how to spread some of the holiday joy around.

However, this greeted me when I checked out FB this morning. There is a corroborating entry on Huffington Post from the weekend. And I'm trying to get more recent information.

Here's what we know. The victim was black, young female, apparently had an accident in the early hours of the morning, had a dead cell phone (anybody remember when we DIDN'T have cell phones), went looking for help in a white neighborhood and ended up dead from a shotgun blast to the back of the head.

Although the neighborhood is described as white here is what we don't know. The identity, age or race of the shooter. We do know that Stand Your Ground has been invoked.

Let me get this straight. She's outside. I assume you can see her through the window or the peephole. I assume she appears to be unarmed. I'm also assuming that your door is locked and it isn't a hollow core piece of card board. There is no record of a 911 call to report an intruder. Nothing. Just a blast in the middle of the night and a dead African American woman. The latest in a long, too long line.

And I have a curiosity bump to scratch. In all the pictures of folks exercising their "right" to make us wonder about the sanity of the guy up the street with the rifle slung over his back have seen either a woman, an African American or a Latino with a bushmaster or an AK47 knockoff slung over their shoulders? I sure as hell haven't.

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