Friday, November 8, 2013


Not according the former CEO of Nestle. One of if not the largest food companies in the world. The shot is of Victoria Falls in Africa. Found on the net. 

This quote is from a 2005 interview. More of this "gentleman's" interesting views on the public's right to access natural resources that are essentially the gifts of the Earth, the Creator, God, the Goddess however you see it can be found in this outside blog entry.

I love how he goes on about how safe GMO's are. How this is the best fed, best generation in history. Well I guess it is if you have enough money to pay for his products and don't live in the third world where at least a billion people do not have access to adequate food, shelter or water.

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Lisa :-] said...

As a human being, you should have a right to water. That's pretty extreme, all right. Let's take HIS away and see how he feels about it then...