Friday, November 8, 2013


Fill in the needed service of your choice, especially food service. Thank heaven they can't outsource lunch to Mumbai. And neither is trash hauling, teaching, repairing anything fixable the list is almost endless and so are the attempts to belittle and degrade.

I've got news for some folks. By the time I was good enough to bake for my first Black Friday at Valley River I don't think I was entry level. Maybe I'm stretching. Lisa, I have to admit I was scared that morning. But you had our backs and by heaven we did it. I was ready to turn cartwheels

And for the umpteenth time it wasn't the cooks or the mechanics or the teachers or the trash haulers or the nurses or the baristas who tanked the economy a few years ago. It was the guys with the MBA's, finance degrees, the fancy suits and the attitude that rest of us are just one stage above what gets scraped off their shoes. Guess what? If all of you disappeared tomorrow the only people who would miss you are the folks who sold you your morning skinny latte's.

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Oh, and if anyone wants to use the picture let me know I'll ship you the original.