Sunday, October 19, 2014


Warning, when I started writing this it turned into a mini rant.

The Tea Party is running a candidate for the senate from Iowa. Who just happens to be a woman. Her name is Joni Ernst, and frankly I don’t believe that a degree in public administration qualifies a candidate for anything above dog catcher. And I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. But, you are assuming that you are qualified to walk the same halls where the likes of where the likes of Webster, Clay and even Calhoun could be found. I don't think so.

Her program is the usual mish mash. Get rid of the IRS. Get rid of the Department of Education. Good God woman one of the reasons our country is heading for the crapper is that we DON’T have a national curriculum. Get rid of the Environment Protection Agency. Right. Let’s just hand the country over to the polluters and the frackers. Get rid of the federal minimum wage. And the newest excuse “I’m not a scientist so I’m not qualified to speak about climate change.” I assume you have access to a library and know how to read.

That was snarky, I know. But, damn it when I don’t know something I look it up, verify the sources and dig in. If I can do it, so can anyone else with an IQ approaching the temperature of a warm room.

So what brought this individual to my attention? According to Raw Story she opposes the Affordable Care Act because the churches and the family should be looking after poor people who can’t afford health care. I’m assuming that she reached this position because the constitution doesn’t specifically mention health care.

Lady, the job is bigger than the resources of the “church.” And thanks to corporate America our families have been scattered to the four winds starting with the post WWII boom. Sam went to Akron. Joe went to Boston. Harry went to LA, Joan married a guy who was transferred to Dallas, Texas and the folks retired to Palm Beach. She’s harking back to Golden Age that never really existed.

Heck, my ancestors hugged the Atlantic coast from the 1630’s/1680’s. Then the Erie Canal opened the doors to the west and we were in Oregon within two generations.

And Ms. Ernst I wouldn’t get all “the original intent of the framers” on your constituents. Remember it took an amendment to the constitution to guaranty women the right to vote. It took decades to actually get women elected to state and federal offices. And don’t look know but, there are folks out there, especially in the back ground of the Tea Party ranks who still thank that amendment was a bad idea.

Now that I think about it, some of the same folks are not cool with the idea of direct election of senators either. That should give you something to think about.

So, it’s back to the classroom for me, so to speak. I swear to all the deities I hold dear that I am going to finally finish reading the Federalist Papers. Little did I know that there is a collection from the other side.

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