Friday, October 17, 2014


Spent some time on Amazon looking for book bargains. IE used in decent condition and no more than a couple of bucks to add to the bios of John Adams, Clay, Calhoun and Webster. Found one of Andrew Jackson that looks promising. One buck, plus shipping. John Quincy Adams, same price.

And like an idiot I let my copy of the Federalist papers get away. Two bucks for that one. Didn't know that there was also a collection of pieces on the anti federalist side. This should be interesting.

Those old men. Flawed, opinionated but giants in their time. Still giants compared to the midgets in office now. I mean how often do we hear of a president threatening to hang someone to the nearest tree. That was Andy Jackson (and I do have problems with amny of Jackson's actions) to South Carolina over efforts to nullify a federal tarriff. The south backed off a bit, something resembling a compromise was reached and nobody got hanged.

I truly wonder if some of these politicians could get elected now. I mean John Adams. Short, plump, irascible at times, definitely prickly and opinionated. He couldn't make small talk if his life depended on it unless it had to do with farming, the law or how to create a new government but he was still a giant. Especially compared to what we're stuck with now. Frankly it's bloody embarrassing.

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Lisa :-] said...

Been watching The Roosevelts on PBS. Some giants there, too. Like you, I wonder how we fot where we are.