Saturday, October 4, 2014


I’m not sure what to call this entry. Sweepings from the “we believe in the sanctity of life except…” perhaps.

Kevin Williamson, a right wing columnist with connections to the National Review, believes that women who have abortions should be hanged. And he isn’t just targeting the patient. He wants to hang the doctor, the nurses, the techs and for all I know the person at the desk who made the appointment. Now that’s “pro life” for you. Never mind that as far as the zygote worshippers are concerned once that fertilized egg hits the uterus it and the mother are on their own. I mean, if they really gave a shit they’d make sure the family could afford decent food, housing, and a job that keeps them off the food stamp and Medicaid rolls.

Rick Willis, a so called Christian, with a radio show believes that Ebola is great. Bring on the pandemic. It’ll take out all the atheists, gays, lesbians, etc. In other words, anyone he doesn’t agree with. Excuse me while I insult a perfectly good brand of lunch meat. YO, SPAM FOR BRAINS all a virus “cares” about is replicating. It doesn’t carry around a check list to be filled out so that it only infects “sinners.” I have to wonder if this apparent ditz brain really believes what he’s saying or if he’s just looking for fifteen seconds of fame. If he really does believe that this is how viruses go about their reproductive lives, then the level of science education these days is worse than I feared.
In the early nineties a couple of right wing fundies started writing what turned a twelve novel series. I think Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders series might be longer but the Left Behind load of compost is in the running. The series actually spawned two or three direct to video/cable films that were eminently forgettable. At least the total of four and half minutes I spent checking one of them out was.

I actually came close to buying a couple of the books. My sister gave me the third book as a gift. I think she either thought it was a fantasy type novel/or didn’t realize it was part of a series. Anyway, I hied myself over to the local Christian bookstore in search of the first two. Found them and headed for check out. There were at least four of us. All with money in hand and ready to do business. I forget what the owner and the clerk were discussing but, it was as if the store was empty. Hell, it saved me from wasting money on a couple of crappy novels. The Umatilla sister has several of the books and I had a chance to leaf through a couple. Saved by the idiocy of store owner who soon sold out to a chain I donated my copy to the church book sale.

NOW there’s a remake of the first film for the big screen with actors whose names you might recognize. Apparantly it’s so bad that even the Christian Science Monitor gave it ½ stars.

Never mind that the whole end times/rapture/tribulation etc. theology is less than two hundred years old. Never mind that the theology itself stinks to high heaven. It’s the egos that get me. It appears that everyone (at least the ones I’ve run across) believes that they will be in the swept into heaven group, not the left behind to face seven years of war, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, etc.

Their “reverence” for life is just astounding isn’t it?

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