Sunday, March 30, 2008


Nephew number three spent a couple days of his spring break down here helping with some of the heavier yard work. A tank of gas, several bucks an hour and all the grandma style cooking he could eat. The other grandmother lives all of four blocks away so we had our own little spaghetti feed Friday night.

Please, please, please just look at the trellises. Don't look any further. It's a Goddess awful mess back there and due for a complete redo..........soon, very soon. Very, very soon. We start next weekend. But he did do a fantastic job of getting them up. And when I gave the old fence post a shove to see if it had been sunk in concrete, we found out it wasn't. And pressure treated wood or not, all it took was some really enthusiastic shoving to get it out of the way. I guess that's why is was tilting in the first place.

One of these decades we want to put in a real path with stepping stones and everything. For now bark chunks work really well. The winter pansies came through very well. The spiky plants are Pacific Iris. We've also got Canterbury bells and bergenia. The bergenia is the one with the little pink flowers and the very big leaves. What can I say, it came from my grandmothers yard and it blooms early. We need all the help we can get.

Now if we could just get the rest of the yard to look like this little corner. Anyway the kid did a great job and helped us get off to a good start. Look out mud, here we come.


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tenyearnap said...

I didn't look beyond the trellis...honest...hahahaha
;-) Cin