Sunday, March 30, 2008


 Near as I can tell, based on my old copy of Audabon's and a local field guide, these little guys have been flitting in and out of the yard. We've got the year round residents and the migrants coming in for spring. It's been a zoo.

Black capped chickadee

Mountain chickadee

Chestnut backed chickadee


Dark eyed or Oregon junco

Scrub jay

Stellar’s jay

Pine siskin

Golden crowned kinglet (maybe) The ones I’ve seen look most like this variety.

Varied thrush

Black throated grey warbler

Hummingbird-probably an Anna's hummingbird

Townsend’s warbler

Spotted towhee

Lesser goldfinch (maybe)

Song sparrow (maybe) See above.


There are three that, well the pictures in the books are closest to what they look like. The best shots I get are through the front window and some of these little guys are really little. Saw the hummer three times today. Once perching on the shepherd's crook with the new feeder and twice flitting through. I think it was checking out the action in the yard. I was almost as bad as the cats this afternoon. Kept checking out the action while I was doing things in the kitchen.

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tenyearnap said...

You've created a real Bird Land in your yard! --Cin

dsonney01 said...

I get my copy out all the time to check! My buddy Aggie keeps asking which one a "Vern" (wren) ha- Dannelle