Sunday, March 2, 2008


I ask blessing for this garden.


Late winter sun warming the soil;

Soil, rich and life giving;

Life, in the buds on the tree branches;

Branches, meeting the changing sky;

Sky, brilliant blue then black with clouds;

Clouds, chill and heavy with rain;

Rain, droplets caught on the early blossoms;

Blossoms, turning to the sudden sunshine.


We stand on sacred ground.


Well, it’s the beginning of March in Western Oregon. It did everything yesterday except snow. And for all I know, it did snow higher up. We had clouds, sun, showers, sun, pouring rain, sun and hail. The hail and the downpours did hold off until we got the two new roses planted. Heirloom Roses carries what are known as bare root roses. These have not been grafted. And they are so little. Just little baby roses. Thing is, if you want the baby to be happy ten years or so down the road, you need a hole about two feet wide and two feet deep. Enter the apprentice gardener. Darn, it’s muddy outthere.


Anyway after we refilled the hole with dirt, compost, bone meal, a couple kinds of fertilizer and watered it down some to get rid of the air holes the kids were introduced to their new homes. Mom dug out a couple of tomato cages for protection. They do look awfully small out there right now. Give them a year or so and they’ll be standing tall with the best of them.


It didn’t quite take as long to clean the mud off the tools and clogs as it did to get them dirty, but it sure felt like it. Now they’re in we can start getting other things moved around. Is there a sign out there that’s a variation on WIP (work in progress)? Only mine would be GIP (garden in progress). Come on in, we’ve got a few weeds with your name on them. LOL I’m definitely getting the gardening bug. I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but she found the cutest shovel. Standard handle, half width blade; great for close in work or really muddy soil.


Do I have it bad, or what?


Delicious ideas to please the pickiest eaters. Watch the video on AOL Living.


dsonney01 said...

Love the blessing I will add it to my prayers in the Medicine Wheel. I mentioned this morning that I had the itch to dig but it is still frozen here! Front and East side  clear of snow but the back yard has two feet still!

mleighin21st said...

I too have the bug, but I have to settle for pots of herbs and a few annuals in the dooryard.  I will have some transplanting to do, but I need to go pot shopping first.  I just love the thoughts of spring planning and planting.  
                                         Happy digging,  Leigh

mlraminiak said...

I guess you must have caught MY gardening bug.  It had to leave ME to find a more available host.  

Looks like we'll be paying the Ramos' to do our yard work again this coming summer...  Sigh!  Lisa  :-]