Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Do you remember?

There was nothing and then there was….everything. In an instant a universe was born. The light faded and elemental particles came together. Hydrogen, gravity and time. The hydrogen pooled together and pooled again. Gas clouds whirled and swirled in the dark. Whirled, swirled, danced and grew again. A threshold was passed, hydrogen became helium and light returned to the universe. Pinpoints of light became glowing beacons in the night.


You danced in the starlight. Blue white giants were born, filled the universe with light and gave their lives in blazes of light and gas greater than a million stars. You watched as star seeds of iron, carbon, oxygen and all the other elements were born. You danced again as the newborn planet seeds swirled together, grew larger and larger still. 


The next generation of stars began to shine, but instead of lonely splendor, their light reflected off growing worlds. Some were too far away; you could barely see their parent star through the misty, swirling gases. There were great gas giants; more failed star than planet. Some worlds formed too close to the star fire and were blasted, bare rock before they were barely born. A few were too small; their atmospheres were lost to the cold of space leaving deserts behind.


You danced again in the solar winds. In a forgotten corner in one of the great, glowing spiral arms of a galaxy you found a miracle.

Picture taken on one of the Apollo missions.


tenyearnap said...

Just woke up to a stormy Spring equinox and this is the first thing I read. Perfect! Thank you!! --Cin

dsonney01 said...

We should all remember- praise be to a new season- Dannelle

rdautumnsage said...

Perfection! It's all I can think of after reading this. Beautifully said, it made my heart swell with rememberance....(Hugs) Indigo