Saturday, March 29, 2008


I haven’t really written much about the family besides mom and the cats. And not much about mom.


Dad’s gone. Physically at least. He passed away in early ’95. Really, I don’t think he’s gone very far. I sense a very definite presence, especially when we’re working on outdoor projects. He’s still supervising. Mom says the same thing.


Mom, well mom is mom. She just turned eighty two. And if she keeps up with the rest of her family she should make it into her nineties. She was a housewife and went to work when dad was disabled. Cooked, gardened, canned, sewed and kept us busy. Frankly, I don’t remember when I learned to snip beans and the like. I suspect it learned as soon as I showed an interest in what she was doing so she could keep an eye on me. LOL She’s interested in computers, but give her choice between virtual reality and garden dirt and the dirt will win every time.


There’s S1 (sister number one) she’s nine years younger and S2 (sister number 2) fourteen years younger. My poor folks, it was like raising three only children and I’m not sure if they saw me as a sister or a second mom. Of course where you’ll find S1 and S2, you will find BIL (brother in law) 1 and 2. S1 has N (nephews) 1 and 3. The other family has 2, 4, and 5. Are we lost yet?


S1 lives in eastern Oregon and teaches middle school English. Her husband teaches high school American History, career education and coaches track and cross country. The oldest should graduate from Oregon State this spring and wants to teach. He also helps dad coach track. At the high school he graduated from. His younger brother is a freshman up in Portland and throws the javelin.


S2 lives in the Portland area. She currently works for the local school district coordinating the substitute teachers. Her day starts early, but that way she’s pretty much done when the kids come home. Her husband works for a large delivery company.He spent years driving trucks and now he trains new drivers.


Their oldest is the football player and he will also graduate this spring. He has another year of eligibility, so he’s planning to take more classes in the fall and play another season. He also plays drums with the band at the church he attends.


Nephew 4 is a junior and also plays football. He’s at least 6’ 3.” The kid was a cube when he was born and now he’s a string bean. Good student just like his big brother and his cousins. With luck he’ll be good enough to at least have shot at playing college ball too.


Number 5 is a high school freshman. He’s bright but he’s had something of a problem with keeping his attention where it belongs. But, he discovered golf last year, he’s good at it and if he wants to play on the team, he has to keep his grades up. So far it’s working. Heck, a lot of colleges have golf teams, including the U of O, so with luck……?


Oh, and I forgot to mention the honorary nieces and nephews. S1’s family has three Labrador retrievers. There’s mom, dad and the full grown bigger than his folks pup. S2’s family has four, count them four, boxers. Mom, dad, and two pups. They are very busy families.


toonguykc said...

I'm twelve years younger than the next oldest sibling -- I pretty much was an only child -- but not.  It's a weird place to be in the family scheme.


tenyearnap said...

So, your Mom ran out of names after she had you? (wink)