Sunday, May 4, 2008


The bed kicked me out before six thirty this morning. So I picked up a few quick shots before the day got started.

The rhodies are just starting to open. This one is actually just as pretty in bud as it is after it opens.

Blueberry bushes in front, red rhodie just opening, viewed through the arbor. The huckleberries are also in bloom. Huckleberries are little blue berries. They do NOT grow in clusters like blueberries. They grow along the branches. Just as good, but harder to pick.

White candytuft and blue lithadora in the back. The funny looking spikes are the big lilies that bloom around July. The day lilies should start budding before too long.

Ferns unfurling. Some folks call them fiddleheads. They remind me of party favors. Slow motion party favors. The brown and green are really pretty together.

The red tulips are all gone and the yellow one are just coming on. Yellow tulips and yellow pansies. Those yellow pansies were a bit of color all winter; and they're still going strong.

I put in about two hours this morning getting a few more herbs in and getting mom's Mother's Day present planted. She picked out a nice looking white lilac when we were shopping yesterday. It probably won't bloom this year, but the shrub should be a good accent for the pink rose and other plants on the side.

And I think I heard the flower fairies singing just before I came inside.


dsonney01 said...

Wish I could hear the flower fairies sing too! Any here are hiding still. Your garden is shaping up nicely. Watch out is seems you have a bed fairy too! Dannelle

mleighin21st said...

Your gardens are just gorgeous.  Early May in your neck of the woods is fabulous.  Here it's still kinda brown and bare.  Last frost is May 30th.  The fiddleheads are very decorative all by themselves.  Actually we've gone out to the woods and gathered fiddleheads for sauteeing with morell mushrooms.  Yummy.
                                                     Smiles,  Leigh