Sunday, May 11, 2008


The first dogwood blossoms on our tree. Trees on Centennial that get sun all day are already in full bloom.

The brilliant purple azalea in the side yard. This one blooms and then gets its beautiful dark green leaves. There are so many shades of green right now. More greens than I have names for. And there is a row of ground cover strawberries in front with their brilliant red/ pink blooms. They do produce berries; of course they're about the size of the tip of my little finger.

A variety of flowers. The bloomed out red tulips are read to be trimmed and the huge yellow ones are just hitting their prime. The lavender is coming along nicely and the yellow and purple pansies are almost neon. The tiny yellow shrub in the corner is, strangely enough, the same flower as

this little yellow ground cover. The shot doesn't do it justice. I'll try to get some better shots next weekend. Before the expected hot weather totally fries them. Anyway, both plants are a type of potentilla. You can have a shrub, a ground cover, and a cutting type plant as well. The shrubs are great. The love the sun and don't need a lot of water. The little purple flowers are violas. Silly me, I used to think they were weeds. Turns out they're an herb.

More of the ground cover strawberries. Mom bought six plants several years ago and paid about three bucks apiece. Of course they had to charge that much, once you have them; you have them forever. They multiply just like any strawberry; they "run" all over the place.

At least I got in my four hours or so of yard work again this weekend. We did some good and there's so much more to do. Have a good week everybody.



toonguykc said...

Groundcover of any kind is a lifetime commitment -- in a good way.


mleighin21st said...

......and beautiful!  coming along very nicely, Jackie.
                                                           Smiles,  Leigh